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The Fixx! Therapeutic Massage Is a massage therapy studio in Missoula, MT. Stephanie Lord is a Licensed Massage Therapist working with the Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique (SMRT) modality, to tailor each massage to the client's needs. Stephanie works effectively on athletes to the elderly and everyone in between. Whether the issue is chronic pain, sports injury, whiplash, headaches or the need for relaxation, she'll fix that.

The focus Stephanie takes is finding the source of the pain to resolve it. Often where we feel pain is not the origin of the pain. This approach often resolves the issues that other therapies have not.

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5 reasons to invest in massage therapy

It probably won't take much to convince you to get a therapeutic massage at The Fixx! Therapeutic Massage. But did you know massage therapy is good for you, too? Here are five reasons why you should schedule a massage today:


It's good for stimulating blood circulation


It's a great way to speed up recovery after an injury


It's a way to pamper yourself after a stressful day or week


It's a simple way to take time out of your busy life to relax


It's an all-natural way to cope with chronic back or neck pain

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